Wally featured on New Geri X record “The Bedroom Sessions” out April 30th, 2010

Wally contributed to this new Geri X record & plans to sit in with Geri X at the upcoming Joshua Tree Festival.

Geri X is a SteelBridge vet and an amazing artist! Here is a snippet from her newsletter:

We collaborated this record with friends around the country including Wally Ingram and Mark Prator on drums, Eric McFadden on guitar, and many others including Chris Wojtal, Steve Sloviski, Matt Segallos and James Hall. It took much coordinating and time to do this in different studios under the kindness of Gar from Red Barn Recorders in CA, Mark and Wes at Red Room Recorders, and Aaron Wachtel and Billy Triplett for letting us lock ourselves at the Factory for a week and finish the album. It was Mixed and Co-Produced by the extraordinary Billy Triplett. I think we can finally say, we have made something we are proud of to share with you guys-can’t wait for you to hear it! We then mastered it with Rodney Mills at Rodney Mills House of Mastering- amazing,fun experience,followed by a 4 hour photoshoot for the CD insert. We will have an 8 page photo album in our CD full of information and a look into our daily lives for you guys to browse though. So all in all, we are so excited and exhausted from all of our hard work, but finally proud and eager to share.

Click here for more info on Geri X!